Church planting

in the Philippines

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Volunteers  spend  a month in the summer vacation evangelizing in a target place.  By using the action plan:


... a congregation is  formed and turned over to a pioneer pastor who continues the work when the volunteers return home. A new church is planted, and one day this new church will plant another church!    The church planting system is called "Summer of Service" (S.O.S.)


SOS Video here

Pastor Rey Calusay

Pastor Rey Calusay, General Superintendent, Philippines General Council of the Assemblies of God


SOS DOORS. "Missions has given us concepts to inspire us - like Windows and Doors. But windows only allow us to view and stare at the size of the mission field. I like doors!

"Through the command of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can leave our doors, and knock on other people's doors, and share the gospel with them. Through the preaching of the gospel, they are evangelized, and churches can be formed out of these people who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ"




SOS 2019

Apr - May 2019

16 Apr - 7 May 2018

Apr 17-19 - Training days & Night Rallies

Apr 20 - Departure to Field

Apr 21 - May 7  Field Work

May 5 - Grand Opening Service


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Lessons to Teach


Volunteer's Manual