Church planting

in the Philippines

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About SOS

What is S.O.S. ?

Summer Of Service (S.O.S.) is a challenge for Christians to dedicate their summer vacation to participate in winning the lost and planting a church in a target town or city. "He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son." (Proverbs 10:5)

  • It is a Church Planting Strategy. A trained and organized team is sent to a target place to start a local body of believers using the formula of fieldwork: Contact, Convert, Congregate and Consolidate. A trained Pioneering Pastor receives the results of the saturation evangelistic campaign.
  • It is a Membership Mobilization. The ministry belongs to every member of the church. Local churches send their members and leaders as volunteers so ordinary members are activated for fruitful ministry.
  • It is a Ministry Oriented program. Members of the participating churches, from age 17 to 71 years old, go out and serve Jesus in missions. They are taught to witness, knock on doors, distribute tracts, give their testimonies, conduct Bible Study, heal the sick, cast out demons, disciple young believers and assemble them for church service.
  • It is a Training-on-the-job- concept. The training and activities are goal-oriented. Nothing is included that will not help reach the goals. The exposure of members to the actual evangelistic environment trains them to become effective members in their churches.
  • It is Power Encounter Evangelism. The concept of evangelism by the witness of signs, wonders and miracles is practiced at every opportunity. Pentecostal missions are at its best when these are employed. We do spiritual warfare and confrontation with the forces of darkness within the context of the Filipino spirit world.
  • It is a Summer Camp with a PLUS! Traditional summer camps, retreats, seminars, and the like are good but do not produce the same results that SOS do.  SOS utilizes members' desire to campout by bringing them into a town in a camping situation. But   at the end of all the activities, a church is planted – this is the GREAT PLUS!
  • It is a Church Planting Laboratory. SOS is a hands-on training in church planting. Churches will be planted by the participants during the OJT followed by a multiplication of the church planting efforts by the local churches in their local targets. It is a program of acceleration.



A team  in a target place is composed of a 20-25 volunteers  organized under a Field Director for centralized operations.



  • At the end of the fieldwork , the  team will  turn over to the Pioneer Pastor  a congregation of believers committed to be the core group of the newly planted church.

    Turnover of results
    signing of commitment
    Grand Opening Service
    Field Director presents Church Birth Certificate to Pioneer Pastor
    Core Group member signs Commitment
    Grand Opening Service



Faces of Volunteers


Time frame

SOS Time Frame

3 weeks in Field work
with 1 week of training at start

Church Planting in action