Church planting

in the Philippines

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SOS Teams

International Teams

International Teams
partnering with in SOS church planting

14 or 21 DAYS in APRIL / MAY


  • Day 1 We fly first to Manila, and from there take domestic flight to Roxas City, Capiz.

    Day 2-3 We spend the day in training at Destiny City Church, Roxas City. We get familiar with local culture, and with the climate, and join the many national SOS volunteers. We cover the basic aims of the SOS church planting team that we will join.

  • Day 4 Early morning we travel to our target area/town in the Philippines. Depending on location, we may travel by plane, boat or bus. We are assigned along with teams of Filipinos to a "target town" - ie the towns where churches are being planted. International team members merge with the team of around 20 to 25 Filipinos.

    Days 5 & following There will be many opportunities for ministry. Firstly one-on-one sharing with local town people - if they know English they love to try it out, and Jesus is a great subject to talk about!!
    Sometimes - there is opportunity to lead a Bible Study in a home or an office, or share testimony with a group of unbelievers.
    Sometimes - we can participate in a water baptism.
    Always - we can pray for the individuals we meet, and pray for the Bible study or service that we are in, even if we do not understand the language.
    Always - we can be a part of the team of volunteers, and share in their daily program.

  • In our time there, we will get to know many Filipinos - volunteers, pioneer pastors, new Christians and future Christians.


  • In the target town we will make many contacts, conversions and baptisms. We will go with Filipinos to the houses to conduct Bible studies and home church meetings. Team members speak English, whilst some towns people may only speak their local dialect. Team members that we go with will be our interpreters.

    Those who stay to the end (21 days) are present for the the birth of the church in that town! Pioneer Pastors take over the ministry of the church in the target town when the team of volunteers leave. Those who need to return early (after 2 weeks) make their travel arrangements accordingly.

  • Return to Manila.

  • Fly back home.


  • Everyone who goes will be totally blessed. Not only will we have plenty to give and to share, but we will also receive much in return from our Filipino brothers and sisters in Christ. We will come back with a renewed passion and enthusiasm for the gospel.


  • Cost: The overall cost - airfares, airport taxes, accommodation, food is approx A$2,400. The only other money needed is for snacks and gifts.

To confirm your position on the team, you need to:

  • be sure of God's leading to go
  • be part of the team training meetings in Brisbane and Jakarta (dates to be advised) or participate in training via email and phone hook-up.
  • pay your own expenses
  • supply your Pastor's contact details for a reference.

Each international team member is asked to sign the 'Personal Covenant' regarding their participation as a team member.  Download the 'Personal Covenant' here pdf


International Team Dates

International Team Dates 2019

16 Apr - 7 May 2019

Apr 16: Arrive Manila - fly to Roxas City, Capiz
Apr 17-18: Training days with national SOS Volunteers
Apr 19: Join SOS local team - travel to Target Town

3 week option:

Apr 20 - May 7: Field work in Target Town
May 5: Grand Opening Service of new church
May 7: Return to Manila & Fly home


2 week option:

Apr 20 - Apr 29: Field work in Target Town
Apr 30: Return to Manila & Fly home early

Orientation Manual

International SOS Teams join SOS church planting in the Philippines in April/May.

Orientation Manual helps teams prepare before coming.

Download manual here PDF